this sky feeling I get when you're near
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feral, wicked little machines forming empires in the shade of the trees

Skillzzzzzz tho!

To the holes of the same cheese

The only trouble was the next album refused to come. Despite having Siberia’s artistic risk-taking validated by positive reviews and strong sales, Lights couldn’t come up with a note or a lyric she liked for the follow-up and descended into a bottomless pit of self-doubt. It’s astonishing to think that a musician who’s demonstrated so much flagrant promise and confidence from an early age might wind up stricken with fear that it was all over by her mid- 20s, but that’s what happened: Lights was convinced she’d run out of things to say. It was a case, as she puts it, of “the worst writer’s block ever.”

“In the moment, I spent so many nights just bawling,” Lights concedes over a cocktail and a nibble at Sneaky Dee’s, the hallowed Toronto punk-rock eatery and live venue where she was once a beloved enough regular to have an entire dish – the “Cactus in the Valley” nachos – named in her honour. “‘What am I gonna do? I don’t have it anymore. I’ve just lost it […] I was so uninspired. And when you’re uninspired, everything sounds bad. So I just stopped listening to music. I didn’t enjoy anything. I was just living in frustrated silence.”

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The Brahman’s wife had occasion to go to the tank, and as she went she brushed by a Sankchinni by phoenixxx9000 on Flickr.Warwick Goble

Kay Nielsen, illustration for East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

Oil & water I think is my favorite right now over all. Child’s also got pretend feels all over it. I had anticipated it was about becoming a mother, which well, it is. But since i cant relate to ever wanting to mother a child, i saved that one last and expected to be withdrawn from it (dumbest assuption. You really make an ass of u and me, or on this case ass out of me and me but i digress- lesson learned: thou shalt never judge a song by its title. I mean hello that should sound familiar I mean right) I totally retract saying Lights is like Charzard to Charmander. She is Lightning that strikes all the pokemon down

Idk where I’m going with this.

I am very berry pleased


So Little Machines has grown on me.

Its taken much more listening and I never *not* liked it. I was just hung up on the sound. But I’ve been listening to it all day, and I’m constantly grooving.

cause it feels guuuuuud



Remember how I said I wanted BSG to cover more media overall? Television shows, Movies, and more? Well, today I bring to you my first — and probably last, Album coverage. And I had to do this one, just cause I was overly excited and felt like covering it.
One of my favorite artist, Lights, is…

You mean September 23?

The Listening Album Commentary by Lights


Wow I do not like what I’m hearing. This whole album sounds…sleepy? Like minus a couple songs, it’s just an orgy of 80s-synth paired with reverb vocals that makes me feel like I should be swaying in a corner at a high school dance.

All the songs sound uncomfortably similar upon first listen, which…

I feel the same way ://

my probably actual dream girl, and she swiped left